Contact: Brett Denton
Phone: (208) 863-8072
Address: 814 W Jefferson St, Boise ID 83702
I am Brett Denton, Founder of Kvell. My passion and the passion of the entire Kvell team is to provide you the best fitness experience and community in the world and to empower you to be a better you than you have ever imagined being. It Is YOUR Time to KVELL! The word Kvell means to be happy and proud especially in community. This is what you can expect to experience and gain when you participate in our programs. You will be joining a community of like-minded people. People, who just like you and me, lead busy lives, have endless obligations, and who desire to be in control of their life. Jim Rohn, world-renowned motivational speaker and once Idaho native said, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” If you want to be happy, proud, and fit, spend a little more time with the Kvell Crew. On top of a community of powerful people that affectionately are referred to as the Kvell Crew who will help support you in your empowerment and growth, you will also be provided with the most effective and efficient tools and training for optimal health, fitness, and athleticism. Our passion, our mission, and our vision is to empower you and as many other people as possible using the tools of optimal health, fitness, and mindset by providing the best fitness experience and community in the world. I invite you to Kvell with us,